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Wedding Bouquet & Memorial Flower Preservation & Keepsake Ideas for Spring

​ As we welcome Spring, I can't help but think of all the aromatic spring blooms that have become symbolic of this season.Lilacs, daffodils and tulips come to mind for me, but I bet there are other blooms that you think of when the sun hangs longer in the sky and birds return for the season.Whatever blooms signal the start of spring for you, chances are that we have been asked to preserve that kind of bloom at some point over our 25 years of business.Daffodils dry so perfectly, they look nearly fresh, and lilacs hold onto their fragrance long after the preservation process is complete.

  We are also excited to offer a whole new line of displays, hand-selected by our team to artfully display your meaningful blooms, while also protecting them.We have returned to offering our original contemporary glass boxes in three sizes, and we have procured some new offerings as well. Some have a vintage feel, while others conjure thoughts of a French countryside.No matter your style, Freezeframe has a display that will compliment your home while helping you hold onto the stories and memories that mean the most to you.

Vintage Artisan Boxes

These artisan hand-crafted boxes have a vintage feel that perfectly compliments current trends.  Available in a variety of sizes, with prices starting at $89.95

​Now offering a Victoria cloche, nicely sized to hold a small nosegay of preserved blooms. 

Glass Bevel Boxes

​Our original contemporary glass boxes are BACK!  Simple, clean lines keep the focus on your blooms, prices starting at $79.95

This keepsake box is open-able, so you can add small mementos from your wedding or event.


Inspired by french farm houses, this whimsical flower terrarium is spacious enough for an entire bouquet of flowers.  Other terrariums also available.

The mini terrarium is dainty, but large enough to hold 5-7 blooms, and 100% charming.

We are looking forward to Spring, and to seeing all of the meaningful blooms that customers will be bringing to us through this wondrous season.We hope to welcome you soon to our downtown Dayton studio at 905 E. Third Street, where you can meet our shop dog, Max.     Happy Spring!

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