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Floral preservation is a time-tested art. The process your flowers will go through at freezeframe | bloombeads has been fine-tuned during our 15 years serving as the leader in the floral preservation industry. Through extensive R & D in our facility and in coordination with our suppliers, we have developed a process that consistently preserves more varieties of flowers and foliage, which remain more lifelike in color and appearance than flowers and foliage preserved in other methods. We will use the same preservation methods for our bloombeads flower petal jewelry. Freeze-drying captures the vibrant colors of the flowers, which directly impacts the vibrancy and colors of your flower-petal keepsake jewelry.

Flower care upon delivery, Our FIRST priority!

Newly arrived wedding bouquet fresh from our EZ Ship KitWhen your flowers arrive at our facility, they will most likely be in need of some pampering. The freezeframe | bloombeads staff will photograph, measure and tag your flowers as part of our multi-step system to ensure your actual blooms are tracked through our entire process; then, we will quickly get to work pampering your blooms. Your flowers will be disassembled, each bloom will be rehydrated individually in our floral coolers with the help of a specifically formulated rehydration solution, and any damaged petals will be trimmed.



Expert floral preservation methods are used

Once you blooms have had a good “drink,” they are ready for the application of our expert preservation methods. Flowers and foliage that dry more effectively in sand based methods will be tagged and moved to the sand drying room; blooms which require weeks of bleaching to ensure they stay white for years, will be tagged to go to the bleaching room. All remaining flowers and foliage will be prepared for the freeze-drying process; red and pink flowers will be treated in one of our many scientifically developed pre-treatments to ensure their vibrant shades are retained; remaining flowers will then be treated with the appropriate solution to ensure pliability and color retention; all treated blooms with then be tagged and nestled individually into “no crush” preservation boxes, which ensure that your blooms will not be confused with other orders and will not be damaged through the course of the freezeframing process.

freezeframe freezedried wedding bouquet

Post Preservation Artistry

Once all of your blooms have completed their preservation process in the various drying room, they are reunited in our post-preservation room, where the true artistry begins. For jewelry, the blooms are sent through our processes to become a pulp-like substance, that is then hand worked and formed into jewelry. For display pieces, each flower is wire stemmed, reinforced and then air brushed by a member of our pre-design team. Multiple color layers are applied to capture the layered tonality of each flower and all foliage is air brushed to retain its natural green shades and flower centers that are different from the petals are hand painted individually. These newly colorized flowers are then given to one of our expert designers who will work with the original photograph of your bouquet, any of your memorabilia and any of your pearls or ribbons to create your one-of-a-kind freezeframe.

Does it pass our rigorous quality control test?

bloombeads preserved flower petal jewelryOnce your jewelry/display has been designed, it must pass our rigorous QC Test, which is based on a 3-tier approval requirement. First, the Head Designer must approve the design, guaranteeing that the order has been created according to your specific requests. Then, our experts study the actual flowers and their mechanics to ensure that your piece is sturdy and your blooms are appropriately placed inside the frame. Finally, our Packaging Team member will approve the finished piece(s), and package the order for you.